MFT in the Press

"The audience was simply taken away by the fiery energy, human virtuosity, and authentic musicianship of Maharajah Flamenco Trio." 


                    -Marina Alexandra, Artistic Director for the Southern Guitar Festival and Competition


“What an outstanding performance, they are all so talented, their show is spectacular and the entire Band was incredibly professional... they are one of the best Trio’s we’ve ever experienced and our audience absolutely loved them. We plan on booking them for 2 shows during the 2013 Professional Season...I simply cannot say enough about this Trio, BRAVO...more please!” 


                    -Dixie Partington, Producing Director for the Dixie Theater, Apalachicola, FL


"Our audience at Conundrum Music Hall was 100% satisfied with Maharajah Flamenco Trio's show... very impressed by their seemingly effortless musicianship, outstanding vocals, and friendly banter. People are still talking about it, and wondering when they're coming back!"


                  -Tom Hall, Owner and Director of Conundrum Music Hall, W. Columbia, SC





Reviews of Encuentro

After a thorough survey of the nine cuts, entitled ENCUENTRO, my interest was peaked by the trio’s achievement of classical, flamenco and multi-rhythmic percussion combinations together with eastern style vocalization.  The number 8 cut, “Bacherias”, Silviu Octavian Ciulei’s deft arrangement of J.S. Bach’s Fourth Lute Suite BWV 1006a, was immediately selected for air with a pleasing response. I now include selections from Maharajah Flamenco Trio on a regular basis.  As I ponder this unique collection it is increasingly clear that there is really nothing quite like it in WFSQ’s library nor indeed in our extensive archives.


Daniel H. MacDonald, MMu

Cultural Coordinator, Florida Public Radio WFSQ