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The full length album of Felices Días (Happy Days) is now available! 

Our mission with this album is to bring happiness, joy, and pure aural bliss to our fans and followers around the world in these challenging times.

Many thanks to the amazing José Valentino Ruiz for the awesome work in producing this project!

Click here for the digital download of the LP  Felices Días. 


Maharajah Flamenco Trio's first studio album, Encuentro is still available for purchase and streaming. Prepare to be taken on a journey through time, sound, and space at the crossroads of traditional and nuevo (new) Flamenco.!

Our music can be purchased the following ways:

For CDs, e-mail us at

We will promptly and joyfully mail them to you and your friends!

  • ​$20 for CDs

  • $25 for a signed copy by Silviu, David & Ramin 

  • *shipping included

Digital downloads can be purchased on 

Amazon Music

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