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Behind-the-Scenes: Felices Días

Hey MFT fans, I wanted to tell you how much fun it was to produce this video to celebrate the release of Felices Días EP. Get a sneak peak in the clip below about the meaning and making of both the EP and the full album (to be released in May).

I combed through all of our video and images capturing the period of time we spent writing and recording Felices Días and found some great material. Everyone involved with this project had a hand in capturing these moments, but I want to give a special mention to Tania Moldovan for her photography skills and contribution of media, and for designing the cover art for the EP. We're going to get back to Tania at a later date, as we plan to feature every artist working on Felices Días in future blogs.

As I went through the collection, I realized how much of our collective time, energy, and soul were put into this music, and to what lengths we went to capture it in the studio. The music on this EP in particular involved orchestrations beyond what we can accomplish on stage as a trio, and I was reminded of the fun we had in expanding these pieces in the studio. I was also struck by the level of artistry in the team of professionals working with us. They were helping us manifest some happier days!

The first cut of this promo video was almost 5 minutes long, so I trimmed it down quite a bit, but it left open the possibility of a future, more in-depth look at the making of this album and the artists involved in the process. For now, enjoy the video and check out the EP.

Felices Días,


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